January 2013

Gina Assaf
Nancy Chen

User Research Lead

Florum is a mobile app for realtors. It provides them with a way to foster relationships with their clients on the go, which ultimately leads to referrals and return business. The goal of this project was to build a mobile application for workers on the go using a user centered design driven approach. Our team chose to work with realtors because they presented a unique design challenge with their very busy schedules with multiple clients and on the go job.

Over the course of a month team Florum did in the field research to identify the needs of our target realtor population, synthesized the data, visioned, paper prototyped, user tested, created design specs and a concept video.

Research and Synthesis

We interviewed multiple agents at three real-estate companies and created an online survey to better understand the work environment and existing technology. We then used a process called affinity diagramming to synthesize and draw design principles from our in the field observations.


Based off of our design principles and resulting ideation sessions we did a low fidelity paper prototype, which we then tested with realtors in the field.

We then used the feedback from our user testing to create our final iteration of Florum!