The User Experience, 2013
45 minute dance performance, custom software, responsive projection
Collaboration with Geoffrey P. Morgan ,The Pillow Project Dance Company, and Scott Steele

How much time do we spend sitting and clicking?
The User Experience is a re-imagining of the interface as a mysterious bodily realm. It uses a giant heat-based screen as a backdrop for abstractly portraying the life of the designer.

"This is about windows, screens, keyboards, kiosks, sockets, and holes - or rather, about none of these things in particular and all of them simultaneously. This is about thresholds, those mysterious zones of interaction that mediate between different realities."

- Alexander Galloway

  • Overall installation
  • Overall installation
  • Overall installation

Related Works

The project began with an interest in manifesting the tactile visually. In 2010 I made series of 18 video works using heat as a temporal drawing medium. Each work was created by depicting the residual heat absorbed by a piece of paper as it was exposed to bodies, breath, and heat producing props.

Performance Still Performance Still

In 2011 I began working with Geoffrey P. Morgan and together we transformed it into a system that could directly translate heat into light and color. For details about implementation look at our blog .

Performance Still