September 22, 2014
video, receipt printer, custom software, appropriated text, projection

She is a singing, printing sculpture. The idea started with an interest in performing the creation of a text. There is a mysterious somewhat corporate looking woman singing and typing in sync with the rhythm of a printer. Through out the course of the installation, the printer prints all 614 sentences in the novel Anna Karenina that start with the word, "She" A few of the sentences include, "She passes the paper knife against the window pane." and "She was more splendid than he had imagined her." All these sentences play out like an elaborate office drama and end up as an opulent mess on the floor. My intention is to present this corporate woman in a haze of authorship. The viewer can decide whether she is the muse, subject or author of this collection of curated sentences.

Big Red Gallery Receipt with She Sentence Receipt with She Sentence Receipt with She Sentence Receipt with She Sentence Big Red Gallery Big Red Gallery

For all code and technical details click here